Things You Might Ask When Looking for a Truck-Driving Job

When looking for a new job, there are many general questions that can be asked to just about any employer. Questions about the history of the company, pay, and benefits can be asked at any job. But, when looking for a truck-driving job, there are many specific questions that should be asked specifically to that employer.

General Questions:

  1. What is the pay?
  2. Will there be any benefits or pay raises?
  3. What if I have an emergency and can’t make it to work?
  4. Do I have and if yes, how much vacation time/sick days?
  5. How long has the company been in business?
  6. What skills and experiences do you recommend me to have?
  7. What is the largest problem that your staff faces?

Truck-driver Specific Questions:

  1. What is your method of payment? (ex: by mile, time, etc.) Do you pay for idle time?
  2. What is the maximum amount of time allotted to be driving at one time?
  3. What is the average age of your trucks?
  4. What are your safety policies?
  5. Where are the locations of your terminals?
  6. Do you allow riders? What is your policy?
  7. What equipment will you provide me with?

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