What’s Life Like as a First Year Truck Driver?

Choosing to drive a truck across the country is a career choice no less, however it is a career choice that requires you to tailor your lifestyle completely around your job. Being away from family and friends for long durations of time may not sound like the greatest of benefits, but being able to start a career within months of acquiring a CDL License and the opportunity to make a full time, middle class income right from the beginning outweighs this for most.

For the first year of this career, many drivers will find themselves being assigned work that is less than favorable. Most trucking and freight companies will allow the drivers that have been working for them the longest amount of time to receive the first choice in their driving assignments, a seniority if you will. With this being said, first year drivers may end up driving to desolate locations, or into busy cities like New York City or Canada. They might also acquire pickups or deliveries alongside schedules that are very undesirable.

There is reason for this, however, as first year hires must work their way up in the company and prove his or her skills and reliability. One of the most important factors in truck driving is keeping to a delivery schedule. This is essential to trucking and freight companies because it is how they keep client contracts intact. By providing services in a timely and reliable manner, you will help your company keep these client contracts and will build up your own positive reputation, along with possibly allowing yourself to be dispatched better assignment.

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