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Research Money Allocated to Improve Truck Driver Safety

Truck Driver Safety

Truck drivers serve as thankless heroes to our nation’s economy, as they’re willing to drive through all hours of the day and through a wide range of weather conditions to ensure businesses get the materials, supplies and products they need for their daily operations. If you think it’s difficult to drive your personal vehicle in… Read more »

Five Tips for Preventing Flat Tires

Platinum Drivers

It’s common wisdom that you shouldn’t neglect any object that comes between you and the ground. That includes the shoes you walk in, the mattress you sleep on, and of course, the tires on your truck. Most tire blowouts could be prevented with proper maintenance, so why not check out these five easy tips for… Read more »

Parking: A Challenge All Truck Drivers Face

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Here’s something most people don’t think about, but for those truckers who’ve ever tried to find a parking spot, this is a relevant issue: parking. Just like cars in busy cities have a hard time finding a parking spot during the day, so do truckers with their oversized trailers. It turns out that there are… Read more »

Things You Might Ask When Looking for a Truck-Driving Job

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When looking for a new job, there are many general questions that can be asked to just about any employer. Questions about the history of the company, pay, and benefits can be asked at any job. But, when looking for a truck-driving job, there are many specific questions that should be asked specifically to that… Read more »

Even In A Tough Economy, The Trucking Industry Is Hiring

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Have you ever felt unsure about what you want to do with your life? Welcome to the club. The rapidly changing job market doesn’t help much, creating an aura of uncertainty that surrounds many career choices. Young people are left confused and unable to make decisive career decisions that they can feel confident about. One… Read more »