Even In A Tough Economy, The Trucking Industry Is Hiring

Have you ever felt unsure about what you want to do with your life? Welcome to the club. The rapidly changing job market doesn’t help much, creating an aura of uncertainty that surrounds many career choices. Young people are left confused and unable to make decisive career decisions that they can feel confident about.

One industry that is actually standing strong amidst all of this confusion, however, is the trucking industry. Take this story from Wisconsin, for example. It reveals the demand for drivers in the trucking industry and the concerns that trucking companies have about the future of the workforce. The result is that companies are looking to hire, and hire young.

The big reason for this can be found in a single statistic cited by the article, that the current average age for a trucker nationwide is 48. The issue is not that current drivers are older; In fact, older drivers can perform the job just as well as younger ones. What companies are concerned about is ensuring that they have a solid force of experienced drivers coming up in the ranks. For that reason, they are looking to welcome a new generation of young drivers to start building a solid career early in their life.

As time goes by, young people are having a harder time understanding the benefits of a traditional 4-year degree. Many high school graduates feel that without the promise of a steady, well-paying job, college it just a waste of time. This is one reason why more young people are considering joining the ranks of truckers right out of high school.

Another attractive aspect of a career in trucking is the relatively high starting pay. Compared to many other professions, where salaries and wages can start quite low, a good job in the trucking industry can provide the financial stability to settle down and start a family. Even more important is the feeling of self-worth that comes with driving a truck, performing a necessary job that puts valuable goods on the shelves of stores all across the country.

Driving a truck can be perfect for young people with a sense of adventure, willing to take a chance on life on the open road. If you’re looking to begin a career in the trucking industry at any age, contact Platinum Drivers today for driver staffing and placement services in Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas.