Driver-facing Cameras for Trucking Companies

What is the Purpose?

Swift Transportation, one of the nation’s largest freight trucking companies, recently began equipping its trucks with both front-facing and driver-facing cameras.This is becausetruckers, like any other vehicle operators, get in accidents (sometimes fatal) throughout the year. By having a front-facing camera, truck companies would be able to tell if the drivers are making unnecessary stops, are practicing unsafe driving conditions, or taking too long or too short of a break. By having a driver-facing camera, this will allow companies to tell if drivers are illegally using cellphones (which can be a distraction), if they are fooling around with objects in the truck, or if they simply just aren’t paying attention to the road for an extended period of time.

Why this is wrong:

Though truck driving is a career for some people, they are still in a vehicle where there is an expected space for privacy. It would not be fair if they were singled out from all other drivers to have a camera facing them while they drive. Yes, this may aid in detecting dishonest and unruly drivers, it is also an invasion of privacy and personal space, which can be considered morally wrong. Truck drivers, just like any other driver or passenger of a vehicle, have a right to privacy. By having a driver-facing camera especially, this completely eliminates the aspect of personal space.

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