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The Benefits of Working with a Placement Agency

When an organization or business is unable to handle the employment process, they turn to a placement agency for help. Despite outsourcing something most companies prefer to handle internally, there are many benefits to having an agency handle this. For starters, many placement agencies have a very high level or expertise on the industries they… Read more »

Five Tips for Preventing Flat Tires

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It’s common wisdom that you shouldn’t neglect any object that comes between you and the ground. That includes the shoes you walk in, the mattress you sleep on, and of course, the tires on your truck. Most tire blowouts could be prevented with proper maintenance, so why not check out these five easy tips for… Read more »

How to Know if Your Vision is Okay For the Road

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As a truck driver, you’re on the road with a big rig that intimidates others. They put their trust in you, assuming that you won’t hit them. However, some truck drivers have physical problems that can cause accidents if not treated “before it’s too late.” One of those problems deals with vision. Good vision is… Read more »

Parking: A Challenge All Truck Drivers Face

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Here’s something most people don’t think about, but for those truckers who’ve ever tried to find a parking spot, this is a relevant issue: parking. Just like cars in busy cities have a hard time finding a parking spot during the day, so do truckers with their oversized trailers. It turns out that there are… Read more »

What can Truck Drivers do to Ensure Safety on the Road?

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Many drivers on the road become nervous when they see a Mack truck roll up next to them or see one approaching their vehicle in their review mirror. What they don’t realize, however, is that most truck drivers take a proactive approach to ensure their and other motorist’s safety. If you’re a truck driver looking… Read more »

Driver-facing Cameras for Trucking Companies

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What is the Purpose? Swift Transportation, one of the nation’s largest freight trucking companies, recently began equipping its trucks with both front-facing and driver-facing cameras.This is becausetruckers, like any other vehicle operators, get in accidents (sometimes fatal) throughout the year. By having a front-facing camera, truck companies would be able to tell if the drivers… Read more »

What is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration?

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration was established within the Department of Transportation on January 1, 2000, although it was previously part of the Federal Highway Administration. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration mission is “to prevent commercial motor vehicle-related fatalities and injuries”. So as you can see, this department is dedicated to ensuring that… Read more »

Make the Inside of Your Cab a Home Away From Home

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  The average driver spends years of their life on the road, and truckers spend even more of their time in their trucks than that. While on a long haul, a trucker’s cab is their home. Serving as living room, kitchen and bedroom, a tractor-trailer cab is many spaces rolled into one, but there are… Read more »