What is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration was established within the Department of Transportation on January 1, 2000, although it was previously part of the Federal Highway Administration.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration mission is “to prevent commercial motor vehicle-related fatalities and injuries”. So as you can see, this department is dedicated to ensuring that the roads are safe, starting with commercial vehicle operators.

In order to make sure the roads are safe, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration works with Federal, State and local law enforcements agencies, the motor carrier industry, and labor and safety interest groups among other to offer various safety “activities”.

The goals of these activities are to target high-risk carrier and commercial motor vehicle drivers and ensure safety in motor carrier operations through: the enforcement of safety regulations; improving safety information systems and safety technologies; strengthening equipment and operating standards; and increasing safety awareness.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration offers:

  • Commercial Drivers’ Licenses
  • Data and Analysis about carrier safety and resources to improve motor carrier safety
  • Regulatory compliance and enforcement programs to improve safety performance and eliminate “high-risk carriers” from our highways
  • Research and technology  to improve the safety for motor carriers and commercial motor vehicles, and their drivers
  • Safety assistance by providing funding for roadside inspections and other safety programs

All in all the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is dedicated to making sure motor carriers and commercial vehicles are helping keep America’s roads and highways as safe as possible. And for that, we thank them!

Driving a truck is no easy feat and the safer we make it for our drivers and other drivers on the road, the more appealing a career as a truck driver will be! It’ll also help cut down on the number of truck-related accidents!