6 Truck Driver Safety Tips

Whether you’re a veteran or rookie truck driver, there’s always time to brush up on safety tips and tricks. Getting from point A to point B is your job, and getting there safely should be of utmost concern.

So before you hit the road, take a quick read through these 6 Truck Driver Safety Tips:

1. Hang Up
Not that we should have to tell you this, but just do it; hang up your phone. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, talking on a cell phone while driving reduces brain activity associated with driving by 37%. That means your full attention is not on the road, putting yourself and other drivers in grave danger.

2. Buckle Up
Driving a commercial truck doesn’t give you a free pass to not wear your seatbelt. In fact, your chances of being killed are about 25 times higher if thrown from a commercial truck. Wearing your seat belt will help keep you from being thrown through a window, from being dragged on the road or being crushed by your own truck.

3. Slow Down
Despite what road signs tell you, it’s always best to go a bit slower, as the speed limits were intended for smaller vehicles. This is especially true around curves and on ramps.

4. Be Aware of Driving Conditions
When the weather is less than ideal, slow down. Regardless of your experience, slowing down according to driving conditions is the best way to stay safe on the open road.

5. Check Your Blind Spots – A Lot
Don’t just assume other drivers know or even pay attention to where your blind spots are. That’s your job and you should do it often. Check your mirrors frequently, especially when you’re going to change lanes, merge or turn.

6. Don’t Drive Drowsy
Despite what you think about caffeine and other distractions, the only way to really keep yourself and other drivers safe is to make sure you get adequate rest before driving. If you find yourself yawning frequently, have heavy eyelids and blurred visions while driving, pull over immediately. You’re only putting yourself and others at risk of an avoidable accident.