Uber for Trucking Apps: Transforming Our Industry

Truck Driving AppsWhen Uber was introduced a few years ago, it transformed the taxi service forever. Now there are new apps being released that could alter the freight industry for the better.

Cargomatic and Convoy are two of the mobile applications that are looking replace the traditional middleman linking truckers to shippers and vice versa. The creation of these apps just provides more proof of the shift to on-demand transactions in shipper-carrier business. To be competitive, companies need to move goods fast. With these apps, they can now be in the same realm as some of the businesses offering overnight and same day shipping.

As mentioned before, the app eliminates the middleman and it does this by connecting the shipper with a truck carrier and then scheduling the transport. The price of it is determined by the distance, weight, size and other small variables. Carriers used on the app have been approved based on factors such as their financial security, reputation, equipment and rates.

Just like Uber, a carrier can choose to accept or decline the opportunity on the app. If they choose to take the job, they will use the app to assign it to a driver. This is nice for shippers because it eliminates waiting and going back and forth with carriers about the price of the job.

Considering that nearly 70 percent of all freight moved in the country travels by truck, these apps are sure to speed up the process and really make the transporting goods way easier than it has been in the past.

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