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What Types Of Vehicles Are Used In Trucking?

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If it weren’t for truck drivers, modern society would cease to function. Just take a trip on any highway in America and look around you. There are so many different types of trucks used to transport goods from one place to another, and these trucks form the lifeblood of our economy. So what types of… Read more »

How to Become a Truck Driver Instructor

Truck drivers are responsible for moving a considerable amount of goods throughout the United States every year. Before they head out on the road, they are taught by instructors on how to nuances of the job. To become an instructor, however, there are a few requirements that are needed. First and foremost, you need to… Read more »

Uber for Trucking Apps: Transforming Our Industry

When Uber was introduced a few years ago, it transformed the taxi service forever. Now there are new apps being released that could alter the freight industry for the better. Cargomatic and Convoy are two of the mobile applications that are looking replace the traditional middleman linking truckers to shippers and vice versa. The creation… Read more »

Truck Driving Jobs Consume a Large Portion Of Online Employment Ads

The American job market still hasn’t risen fully from the recession and struggle the economy experienced a few years back. Luckily, there are still some career paths where worker demand is extremely high. One such job is that of truck driving. Truck driving offers great pay, benefits and security of a lifelong career. Carrier trucks… Read more »

The Freight Trucking Industry Continues to Grow

There continues to be projected growth in the freight trucking industry, with an increase of 28.6% in freight tonnage and 74.5% in freight revenues expected in the next ten years, according to a report called U.S. Freight Transportation Forecast to 2026 released, in part, by the American Trucking Associations. Why the increase? Well, for starters,… Read more »

Truck Driving Championships Start Tomorrow

If you’ve ever watched the TV show Ice Road Truckers on The History Channel you’ll know that the truckers have a friendly competition to see who hauls the most loads during a season. In trucking, like most jobs, bragging rights matter. Many states and regions have truck driving competitions that give truckers an opportunity to… Read more »

Why the Truck Driving Industry is Experiencing Growth

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When demand is high but supply is low, what happens? In the case of truck drivers, salaries rise. Because there’s a shortage of truck drivers in the U.S., the pay for the average long-haul trucker keeps rising each year. In fact, it hit $57,000 in 2015. It’s a good time to be a truck driver,… Read more »

Why Truck Driving is an Advantageous Career Path

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For some people, their career path is chosen for them. Whether they are in line to take over the family business or come from a farming family, they know early on in life where they will make their living. However, most people are unsure of how they will make their living, even as they enter… Read more »

Reasons to Join the Trucking Industry

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The world as we know it would stop if truckers all decided to not do their jobs. You’ve probably seen the TV commercials proclaiming “America runs on Dunkin.” Well, Dunkin Donuts do fill many people’s bellies daily, but the phrase should really be changed to “America runs thanks to truckers.” Now is a good time… Read more »