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Can You Be a Truck Driver If You’re Colorblind?

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Recently on a Thursday night televised football game, Nike outfitted the Buffalo Bills all in red and the New York Jets all in green. Besides looking like a Christmas game in November, a certain segment of the population had a hard time figuring out which team was which because they have red-green color blindness. The… Read more »

Tips for Preparing For The CDL Exam

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Prepping for any type of test is never easy, and most of the time it’s more strenuous than not. Prepping for something like a driver’s license, however, can be a bit more frustrating because of how important it is to a person’s personal or business life, especially in terms of a CDL or commercial driver’s… Read more »

Why do companies have different background check policies?

When an employer lets you know that they will be screening your background, what are they actually looking for? According to The Federal Bureau of Investigation, your potential employer can request a background check and thus might be provided with information pertaining to Criminal Records (on a National, Federal, State, and County level), Federal Bankruptcy… Read more »