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The Importance of Staying Hydrated While on the Road

Truck drivers need to stay hydrated, especially during the summer months when outside temperatures can climb above 90, and in some locales 100 or 110. Our bodies thrive on water. Without it, we die. Our cells, tissues and organs must have water to function properly, so it’s no wonder that water makes up more than… Read more »

When Are Truck Drivers Subject to Drug Tests?

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The trucking industry is very serious about being drug-free. Someone using illegal/harmful drugs shouldn’t be driving a big rig. Drug tests are given in several instances, in order to make sure truck drivers and others working in the business aren’t going to cause problems for themselves, the company, and/or the general public on the roads…. Read more »

How Can Truck Drivers Eat Healthy And Exercise While Out on the Road?

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It’s not always easy for truckers to eat healthy and exercise while out on the road. Go into any truck stop in America and look around– there are plenty of high calorie, sugary snacks and drinks for sale. Heck, that’s even true of most supermarkets for non-truckers, too. Being on the road, it may seem… Read more »