The Benefits of Truck Driving Jobs

In today’s changing economy, millions of Americans are in search of a new career. If you happen to be one of these folks, why not consider a career in trucking? While many industries have struggled to stay in the black in recent years, truck drivers are in greater demand than ever. Sure, you might have been a desk jockey at your old job, but why not try something new? Today we’ll look at a few of the best reasons to hang up your suit and tie and start trucking.


Job Security

Thanks to the growth of companies like Amazon, there has never been a better time to be a truck driver. Companies are shipping unprecedented volumes of goods around the world every day, and someone’s got to get them where they need to go. Many trucking companies are actively recruiting new drivers at starting pay wages that are head and shoulders above those of other industries.

Opportunities to Explore

Once you hit the road, every day at work will be a new adventure. On one assignment you might get the chance to see the red rock deserts of the Southwest. Another time you might get to take your rig across the rolling hills of Appalachia. Best of all, most companies will allow you to choose the length and relative location of your hauls. This brings us to our next point.


As a trucker, you’ll be able to regulate your own schedule. Choose when, where, and for how long you’d like to be away. Need to stay close to the home front for a while? Sign up for local hauls this season. Then, in the summer, take on some long hauls and enjoy the scenery. You’ll never want to work another nine to five again.

The Bottom Line

Truck drivers, in addition to having excellent benefits, are paid well. Good truck drivers are paid even better. You can even earn bonuses through some companies by driving especially long distances or carrying sensitive loads.


Are you thinking about becoming a truck driver? At Platinum Drivers, our first priority is taking care of the men and women on the road, and our services are a great way to get your foot in the door at local trucking companies. Contact us today for more information about truck driver staffing and placement services in Austin, San Antonio, Baton Rouge or New Orleans.