What is Attentional Blindness and How Can You Overcome It?

Attentional Blindness and Truck Drivers As a truck driver, your main job is always to keep your eyes on the road while driving to steer clear of any trouble. However, unfortunately, there is something called attentional blindness that can make this harder than it might seem. Attentional blindness sets in when your brain struggles to process all of the things you’re seeing in front of you and misses something right in plain sight. In some cases, it can cause you to get into an accident or miss a turn you should have made. Here are some of the steps you can take to limit the effect attentional blindness has on you.

Get rid of distractions.

Truck drivers are often surrounded by all kinds of things that can make attentional blindness even more prevalent. They have to worry about checking everything from cell phones to GPS systems, which can make it hard for them to stay focused. Cut out as many of these distractions as you can when you’re behind the wheel. It’ll limit your chances of experiencing attentional blindness.

Expect the unexpected.

One of the best ways to stay on high alert when you’re driving is by trying to anticipate the mistakes that others are going to make while they’re driving. Leave space in between your truck and the vehicles that are surrounding you, and don’t assume that someone is going to take a turn or change lanes just because they have their blinker on. By being extra cautious while driving, you’ll reduce the risk of attentional blindness setting in.

Remind yourself to focus every so often.

When you spend hours and hours at a time out on the road, it’s easy to lose your focus every now and then. It’s almost unavoidable when you’re sitting on the same road for long stretches. Set an alarm for yourself that goes off every hour or so. And when it does, use the alarm as a reminder that you need to stay focused to prevent attentional blindness.

Attentional blindness is a very real problem for a lot of truck drivers. By becoming more aware of it and doing what you can to avoid it, you can make yourself a better driver and keep the roads safe. Platinum Drivers can provide you with other driver resources that are designed to make you a better driver, too. Call us at 844-800-1421 today to hear about how we can help you.