Why Truck Drivers Should Be Among Those First Vaccinated

As we’ve covered here before, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown what we’ve always known—truck drivers, first responders and other essential workers are the backbone of the American economy and ensure we’re able to enjoy the things we tend to take for granted in our day to day lives.

Truck Drivers Should Be Among Those in the First Wave

As such, with news that the first wave of vaccinations are on the near horizon, it would be smart for those in charge to strongly consider making truck driving professionals among those receiving the first round of Americans receiving the vaccine. After all, without truck drivers, our economy could have came to an instant halt when things first started when there were so many unknows. Thanks to the brave men and women behind the wheel, essential goods, and luxury to help people cope with a new reality, were delivered to the communities that needed them. Without truck drivers, things could have been much, much worse.

Moreover, the truck driving industry is going to play an integral role in delivering vaccines to facilities for professionals to administer them. In addition to the elderly, doctors, nurses and other invaluable members of the workforce, the government should strongly consider vaccinating truck drivers in the first round.

The American Trucking Associations agree, and have sent letters to those in charge, including president-elect Biden and the CDC advisory committee, among other parties.

Truck drivers took care of all us at the start of this pandemic. The time is now to take care of them.

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