An Inspirational Truck Driving Story

Deaf Truck DriverAs recently as just 6 years ago, it was impossible for a deaf person to become a truck driver. However, that all changed in 2012 when the Department of Transportation opened the door to deaf people by telling them that they would be able to start truck driving careers if they had a safe driving record. It gave those with a hearing impairment to chance to break into a new industry that had previously been blocked off to them.

Earlier this month, a deaf Alabama man named Joey Woodle took advantage of the DOT’s decision and earned his Commercial Driver’s License. He had to receive a special permit and obtain a health waiver due to the fact that he’s deaf, but he was able to pass the CDL test at Central Alabama Community College after taking the CACC’s Truck Driving Training Program to officially become a trucker. He is now in the process of looking for a truck driving job.

Woodle was obviously ecstatic about passing his test and earning his CDL. Even though he had to jump through many hoops that other drivers don’t have to, he talked about how it made him want to work that much harder to turn himself into a trucker. He also said he hopes his journey inspires others who are deaf to pursue their passions, regardless of whether it involves driving trucks or not. If he was able to overcome his deafness to fulfill his dreams, he knows that others like him can do the same and find fulfillment in overcoming the challenges that are placed in their path.

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