How a Good Truck Driver Helps Employers and Customers

Good Truck DriversIf you’re looking for business advice and you do a quick Google search, this phrase will come up time and time again: “Your company is only as good as its people.” How does a good truck driver help both their employer and customers?


Think of truckers as “boots on the ground” and “the human connection,” because, really, they are: they’re the men and women who are out in the field everyday, dealing with people and cargo in ways upper management is not. Customers don’t often see the company higher-ups, but they do see and talk to drivers. Thus, employers want drivers who represent their companies well to customers, and, ideally, customers want drivers who help fulfill their needs– being on time, with cargo that’s not damaged, delivered in a friendly and efficient manner.


Good drivers are productive and efficient in many ways. They get to their destinations on time. They take good care of their trucks, having maintenance work done long before major problems occur if possible. What’s more, they look for ways to reduce fuel consumption, which not only saves their company money but also helps the environment.

Reduce Your Burden

Good drivers make life easier for employers and customers. They don’t complain and whine. They don’t have a grumpy, negative attitude. Instead, they’re peaceful people who pay attention to details and treat others with respect and dignity. By virtue of being kind-hearted, good-natured people, good drivers put others at ease and, ultimately, earn the respect of those they come into contact with on a daily basis, whether it’s the waitress at the truck stop or the CEO of a business.

Help Create Growth

When a company has several good drivers, that means the company is poised to grow at a rapid pace. If a company is plagued with bad/difficult drivers, how can it grow? How can it deliver the goods if too many drivers aren’t “stepping up” and “acting right?” When a trucking company finds and hires a good driver, that’s like gold– the more of those types, the better.

Sure, it’s good to have brand new trucks and trailers, and technology, but at the heart of trucking companies are truckers. They’re the people who give their time, talent and energy to getting the job done to please both employers and customers.

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