Listen to Learn on the Job

truck driver audio booksAnyone who’s spent some time behind the wheel can attest to the fact that the road can get old sometimes. Admiring the scenery only goes so far, as eventually, all the trees start to look the same. You start counting the miles to your next destination, making the time go by even slower. If only you could leave the driver’s seat and explore the world and everything it has to offer.

In a way, you can!

Audio books provide a great opportunity to give your brain an escape from the confines of your truck. Why not decide on a subject that really interests you, and use your time on the road to learn everything there is to know about it? Enjoy astronomy? You could be an expert on the cosmos with enough time behind the wheel. These days, everything seems to be available in audiobook format, even school textbooks.

Is fiction further up your alley? Why not revisit all those classics that you meant to read back in school, but don’t have enough time for now, or find a new favorite author to follow, getting excited for every one of their new releases.

Too many truck drivers view their vehicle as a restrictive environment, but driving a truck can actually open up doors and make things possible in ways that other occupations cannot. With enough practice, you could learn a second language. You might even garner enough interest in a topic to consider pursuing further formal education.

While listening to audio books on the road is perfectly legal, we should remind drivers not to get too wrapped up in what they’re listening to, as safety on the road should always take the ultimate precedence. However, audio books can actually help to keep a responsible driver’s senses heightened, keeping them more alert and less drowsy from boredom.

You can find a huge selection of audiobooks online, at bookstores, and even at your local library. At Platinum Drivers, we encourage all truck drivers to engage in activities that keep them engaged and more productive. We offer driver staffing and placement services for truck drivers in all areas of Texas, Atlanta and Louisiana.