What is the Procedure for Random Drug Testing?

Before becoming a truck driver, it is important to understand the rules and regulations that accompany the job, especially those concerning random drug testing. As a truck driver, you should work with the expectation of undergoing a drug test at any time. When you drive a truck, you are not only responsible for the shipments you transport, but you are also responsible for your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road. Neither your employer nor the law will tolerate being under the influence of any type of alcohol or drug.

In order to ensure a driver can get the job done safely and on time, substance abuse of any kind is not tolerated. Every employer is required to perform random drug and alcohol tests on their drivers. This testing can take place at any time, and at least 10% of total employees must be tested for alcohol abuse each year. On the other hand, at least 50% of employees need to be tested for drug abuse. To ensure drivers are chosen at random, a scientific method like a number table or random number generator is utilized.

Employers are not allowed to announce drug tests in advance, ensuring that drivers are tested under normal conditions. Once a driver is notified, they must report to the testing location immediately. An employer should go over this procedure with employees before testing begins, and every employee should be aware of this process before working for the company in an official capacity.

This is just a general sense of what the drug testing process is like for truck drivers. Employers may use different testing agencies that differ in subtle ways, but in general these procedures must be followed the same way across every company. For more information on drug testing, employee selection, and more, contact the team at Platinum Drivers!