Should I Bring My Dog in the Truck With Me?

Every trucking company has a different policy on whether or not pets are allowed “on the road.” For those who allow pets, the question then arises: “Should I take my pet on the road with me?”

Trucking can get a little lonely, so having “man’s best friend” with you in the cab can be a welcome addition to a long ride. Dogs provide entertainment during your down time, and if they’re the guard-dog type, they can also function as a security system for the truck (and its driver).

One thing to remember about bringing dogs in your truck is that when they’ve “gotta go,” they’ve gotta go. It doesn’t matter where you are, what the weather is like outside, or whether you’ve got a strict time deadline. While pee pads or diapers are available, they’re not that practical, though some truckers “make it work.” Generally, though, a dog will need to be let out of the cab to do its business. If you’re okay with that, fine. If not, don’t bring Max or Rover along.

If you do bring your dog with you on a trip, ask your vet weather heartworm pills are good idea, since your pup might end up running outdoors in areas where mosquitoes are found year round. In addition, make sure they don’t step in antifreeze, which could kill them. Most water on fuel islands is not potable, so give your pet bottled water, ideally.

Some pet owners have tied their dog up to a fence and left them unattended at rest stops or store parking lots, while they go inside for “just a minute.” Just be careful, as your dog could potentially be stolen. You also have to leash your dog in parking lots and such so they don’t run free in high-traffic areas and get injured or killed.

Dogs shed hair, so bring extra filters for your heater/AC blower and change them regularly.

Indeed, any furry friend sheds. Some truckers like to bring their cats along for the ride, while some find a way to bring more exotic pets with them. Ideally, have vet records with you on the road, and if they need a prescription filled, have their hometown vet call it into a Walmart or pharmacy chain you’ll be near, in order to fulfill it while on the road.

It’s a good idea to talk with higher-ups at your trucking company and ask, “What’s the company policy on taking pets with us?” If they’re cool with it, go for it! For more information on truck driving opportunities, contact Platinum Drivers CDL driver staffing and placement service, in Texas, Atlanta, and Louisiana.