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Remember to Celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

There are roughly 3.5 million professional men and women in the trucking industry today. These professional drivers are responsible for safely distributing goods all over the country in a timely manner and fashion. Being a commercial truck driver is not as easy as one may think, and in order to become a CDL driver, one… Read more »

Career vs. Job – What’s the Difference?

It’s very common for people to think of a job and a career as the same exact thing. While there may be some similarities, such as both are done for monetary gain, the truth is there is a distinct discrepancy between the two. Job Simply put, a job is a short-term activity and is only… Read more »

Tips for Keeping Your Truck Clean

You spend a lot of time in your truck. Ideally, you want to keep it clean both inside and out. Do you have a calendar? Chances are you do, and on that calendar you should plan to get your truck’s exterior washed regularly. Pick a certain date and time every couple weeks and stick to… Read more »

Truck Driving is a Wonderful “Semi-Retirement” Job

For a long time, the standard retirement age has been 65. Interestingly, though, people are living longer than ever, which means they could retire at 65 only to find they have 30 to 40 more years to live their lives. With the retirement years come bills to pay, so it’s not surprising that more and… Read more »

What Will Cause Truck Drivers to Leave the Profession

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Now’s a good time to become a truck driver because there will be a need for more than 300,000 drivers between now and the year 2020. If you’re young, can follow the rules, and aren’t interested in drugs and alcohol, trucking could be a lucrative career. Why are some drivers leaving the profession? Well, the… Read more »

What Will Affect Driver Turnover in the Future?

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Truck drivers and the companies employing them should be aware of upcoming trends in the next decade or so which will affect the truck driving industry in significant ways. The first major trend will be the need for new truck drivers. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 330,000 new additional truck drivers will… Read more »

What Does the Sleeper Berth Provision Allow You To Do?

Driving a commercial vehicle is a safety sensitive position that requires you to be at your best whenever you’re on the road. Of course, that means avoiding things that hinder your driving ability and judgment, like drugs and alcohol. However, research and data collected over the years have shown that adequate rest is very important… Read more »