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What Happens to Your CDL if You Get a DUI?

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Truckers depend on having their CDL (commercial driver’s license) in order to make a living, feed their families, and have somewhere to go every day to work and get paid. What happens to your CDL if you get a DUI? Unfortunately, you get your CDL suspended for one year for first time offenders. If it’s… Read more »

When Are Truck Drivers “Off-Duty”?

Because truck drivers are in such a safety sensitive position, there are a plethora of rules and regulations to follow when it comes to how they spend their workdays. A driver is required to log their hours, in part to prove that they are operating within these guidelines. But what about when a truck driver… Read more »

How much work history is required to apply for a truck driving position?

When applying for a job with a trucking company, you’ll undoubtedly be asked for an explanation of your employment history. In some ways, this is no different from any other job. Of course, companies like to know as much as possible about a potential employee before investing in them. When it comes to operating a… Read more »

What are the legal amounts of truck driving hours per day or week?

New regulations from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, taking effect this past July, have been the subject of debate both inside and outside of the truck driving industry. However drivers might feel about the specific rules, all agree that it’s important to prevent fatigue that might put truck drivers and those who share the… Read more »