The Importance of Truck Drivers Routinely Checking Their Eyesight

Eyesight and Truck Drivers As an operator of the biggest vehicles on the road, commercial truckers must always have safety in mind. One of the most important requirements of obtaining and keeping a commercial driver’s license is having good vision. In fact, nearly every DMV in the United States requires trucker drivers to take a vision test when applying for their license and subsequently, every two years after to keep it active.

What is good vision?

In this case, good vision is defined as 20/20 to 20/40 – either naturally or with corrective lenses – in each eye. If a trucker has a complete loss of sight in one eye, they may still be eligible to drive.  A Federal Vision Exemption may be given if the candidate is able to pass all the other vision tests. Truckers are also required to pass the color test at the DMV, distinguishing between green, yellow, and red.

What are options for those with eye conditions?

The requirement for good vision is an important one. If a trucker wears corrective lenses, he or she may take the vision test wearing his glasses or contacts. If he or she passes with at least 20/40 in each eye, then he or she will be eligible for the license. Laser surgery is another option for truckers, as it will correct their vision and eliminate the need for lenses.

Some eye conditions, such as presbyopia will get worse with age. In these cases, a regular eye exams will ensure truckers are able to maintain the vision requirement. Finally, those who need reading glasses – over the counter – should consider progressive lenses to help with the gradual visual transition.

What can you do to maintain eye health?

The best way to cut down on the need for glasses and to make sure that you pass the eye exam is to care for your eyes and vision. Using UV protective sunglasses is a big help, as well as eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water and cutting out extra sugar. Those with naturally good vision can consider using protective glasses to prevent irritation from road dust particles.

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