Tips for Keeping a Reliable Truck Driver in Your Company

Truck DriversWhy do people quit jobs? Usually it’s because they don’t feel appreciated– simple as that. Imagine doing a good, reliable job for a company for weeks, months or perhaps even years and never being told you’re good and appreciated? People like to be complimented. They like to know what they do matters to others. For some, they’d rather have some feedback– even negative feedback– than none at all!

How to Keep Good Truck Drivers

What are some tips for keeping a reliable truck driver in your company? Besides paying them well, it’s important to let them know you care about them and that you appreciate the good work they do. Sometimes all it takes is a pat on the back and a “good job” said now and then. Other times, it can come in the form of rewards, awards, more hours, less hours, or whatever it is that’ll make that particular person feel good.

Managers and executives should never feel so far above drivers that the drivers come to resent them. How often have truckers quit because the higher-ups wouldn’t listen to their thoughts, opinions or needs? How often have truckers been annoyed at how smug, entitled or mean their supervisor acted toward them or others? When a person has an understanding, encouraging boss who treats them well, they’ll go out of their way for them. If not, they’ll be itching to quit!

What are some of the practical things a boss can do to retain good drivers? How about offering a minimum guaranteed number of miles each week? How about asking drivers in both formal and informal ways what they think of their jobs and how things could be better? What about not just being corporate but, rather, caring, to the point where you know about the drivers’ families, interests outside of work, and what sports or TV shows they follow?

Other ways to improve driver retention include offering them tangible benefits, like, for instance, on-site gyms, healthy-eating programs, health screenings and any other things that make them feel cared about so it’s not “just a job” but something that benefits them even when they’re not driving trucks. Even simple things like ping pong tables in the break room can help foster social bonds, work off excess pounds and stress, and give drivers a reason to want to come to work even when they’re having a bad day.

Finally, drivers would like some stability in their lives. If you can help them plan their schedules so they’ll know when they’ll be home to go to a kid’s game or play it’s those “little things” that mean a lot. The more the higher-ups work to please workers, the better off the overall company will be. Drivers stay where they’re appreciated.

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