The Responsibilities of a Truck Driver

Truck Driver ResponsibilitiesTruck drivers have a lot of responsibilities. Our country wouldn’t run without them– they’re the men and women who transport materials and goods, making our economy run as well as it does. Three keywords associated with truckers include manufacturing, distribution and retail. Without trucks, our stores wouldn’t have stuff in them for you to buy and take home. Without trucks, our manufacturers wouldn’t have the materials they need to make things. Truckers play a vital role in keeping America the kind of country that’s the envy of the world.

Customer Care

Besides transporting materials and goods, sometimes truck drivers perform sales and customer service as part of their job. And since they’re driving vehicles for a living, they’re often called upon to inspect their own vehicles for mechanical issues. They want to ensure their trucks operate safely. In some cases, they’ll do their own basic repair work.


Of course, timeliness is vital in the trucking industry. Truckers have deadlines and they need to meet them. Typically, they work with dispatchers who help them plan routes and track deliveries.

Clean History

These days, truck drivers need a Class A CDL or commercial driver’s license, as well as a clean driving record. Meanwhile, they must pass a drug and alcohol test.

General Job Responsibilities

If you’re a trucker or you’re thinking of becoming one, what are the basic responsibilities associated with the job? For starters, truckers drive long distances to deliver goods to customers. Next, they generally load/unload cargo and record cargo deliveries. Also, they’re responsible for fueling/refueling their vehicles, keeping them clean, and making sure they’re operating in a safe manner. Truckers need to inspect their trucks and record any issues. They also need to follow traffic laws.

If and when there are problems, such as accidents, truckers must follow accident procedures. Mechanical problems must be reported to maintenance personnel.

Truck drivers keep an activities log; they log their hours. In order to do their job, which involves driving long distances, they typically plan routes using a GPS system with the intent to get their shipments to clients on time.

Finally, truck drivers are expected to have a positive attitude with their co-workers and customers. And, of course, they need to keep their commercial driver’s license up-to-date.

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