Trends in the Trucking Industry

There is a shortage of professional truck drivers in this country. Research found the shortage to be about 20,000 in 2005. According to, that number increased to 38,000 by 2014, rising to 48,000 last year. Yikes! The situation is a bit dire, with the shortage expected to rise over 100,000 in the next decade or so.

Companies are having to turn down business due to a lack of qualified drivers able to take freight loads where they need to go. This is a problem when about 69% of all freight tonnage is moved over America’s highways.

Over the next decade, research has found that the trucking industry will need to hire a total 890,000 new drivers, or an average of 89,000 per year. Replacing retiring truck drivers will be by far the largest factor, accounting for nearly half of new driver hires. The second largest factor will be industry growth, accounting for 33% of new driver hires. There’s never been a better time to be a professional truck driver because work is always available.

Specifically, drivers of Class 8 tractor-trailers are needed for the over-the-road, non-local, for-hire truckload jobs. If the federal government decided to lower the age requirement for interstate drivers from the current 21-years-old, that could help bring more applicants into the industry. Meanwhile, the industry can continue to offer a sign-on bonus as an incentive to acquire new drivers.

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