Being a Truck Driver is a Great Lifestyle Choice


When you think of The Rolling Stones or Willie Nelson, what comes to mind? Generally, you think of their songs, of course, as well as the many concerts they’ve given over the years, all over the place, right? The touring life is something most people never experience, but many musicians and singers do. That’s true for truckers as well. Truck drivers often see their job as not just a job but a lifestyle. It’s kind of like joining a club where people share a common language and common interests. If you’re a seasoned trucker, you know about this; if you’re new, you’re just getting used to it. Basically, it comes down to this: being a truck driver is a lifestyle.

Trucking is a Lifestyle

What makes trucking a lifestyle? Well, some truckers aren’t home for certain life moments, like the birth of their kids or their parents passing away. They can’t be home because they’re hauling a load across the country. They’re sleeping in their cab, and eating meals at truck stops. Some go to church in a trailer parked at the truck stop! Many shower at rest stops.

If you do long hauls, you’ll see more of the country than the majority of Americans ever will. You’ll be in all sorts of places at all sorts of times. You’ll deal with weather extremes, too. There may be times when you get lonely on the road. Other times, you’ll have a beer or two when you’re off the clock, but gathered with fellow truckers, sharing stories from the road. You’ll probably work long hours and be away from “home” for weeks at a time. This is not a conventional job; It’s a lifestyle that requires passion and commitment.

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