Salary and Flexible Hours Are Key to Truck Driver Retention

How do you get truckers to be in it for the long haul? In other words, how do you get them to keep doing their jobs year after year rather than quitting to move to a different career?

It turns out that better pay and flexible schedules are crucial to keeping truck drivers for the long haul– cheesy pun intended.

Truck Drivers Make the Economy Go Round

Today’s drivers know they’re important to the economy. Without drivers, America stops! Someone has to haul goods to stores like Walmart and Target. Grocery stores have to get their groceries somehow, right? And people want to go to stores with fully-stocked shelves. Truckers know this and they can use it to their advantage when negotiating their pay, especially these days.

Is there a trucker shortage? Yes. Is this causing all sorts of headaches for all sorts of people? Definitely. Therefore, it’s imperative that trucking companies treat their current workers extremely well. They cannot afford to lose them.

How can companies retain workers in the trucking industry? Offer higher pay than they currently do, give raises to those who’ve worked a long time and done well for companies, and utilize sign-on bonuses for new hires– money talks! Furthermore, the smart companies are very open with their drivers, sharing information respectfully, including salary information, rather than hiding information. If a company treats its workforce with respect, communicates with them openly and honestly, and is willing to pay them well, then the workforce is happy– a win-win-win situation. Truckers are happy. Bosses are happy. Consumers are happy.

Furthermore, today’s younger drivers want flexible schedules. The old guard has to be willing to make some concessions with the new drivers coming up in the ranks. Companies have to give their truckers the regions and equipment they want– paying attention to their preferences and meeting their expectations. Good communication between people is key. All too often, truckers quit simply because they don’t feel heard.

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