Five Tips for Keeping Your Cab Clean

Keeping Truck Cabs CleanHave you ever heard the phrase, “A clean room equals a clear mind”? It might sound like some far out analogy, but it’s actually true! Many people feel that they think clearer, stay calmer, and work more efficiently when their surroundings are clean and uncluttered.

The same should go for your truck. Keeping the cabin where you spend the majority of your day clean can make you happier, less stressed and more productive. It sure can seem like a daunting task—even to the seasoned vet—but here are a few tips for keeping your precious cab tidy.

Suck it Up

Any plan to get clean should start with an invaluable piece of cleaning equipment—a vacuum. Whether you’re settling into a previously used cab or it’s just been a while with yours, a vacuum will suck up everything in its past. A vacuum is especially useful in lifting dust settled deep into seat cushions.

Keep it Out

If you don’t want something in your car, don’t give it an easy way inside. Keeping your windows rolled up will cut down on dirt, dust, and other particles blowing in from the road. Many can’t resist the fresh air blowing through on the course of the journey, but you’d be surprised how much can build up over time.

Dress for the Occasion

While a dirty cabin can be frustrating, you may have yourself to blame—or more specifically, the two articles of clothing laced around your feet. That’s right, shoes will most definitely track in the dirt. Some truckers travel with two pair, one for driving and one for exploring outside the cab.

Stay Organized

You may gawk at the notion of neatly labeled boxes and tidy trash receptacles, but being organized is key to preventing unwanted clutter. When you have a place for everything, nothing should end up on the floor, right? Take a tip from home decorating channels and get organized.

Wipes, Wipes, and More Wipes

You may laugh, but baby wipes are the secret weapon of many cleanly truckers. They provide a quick, convenient way to wipe down the surfaces in your vehicle. Of course, common disinfectant wipes will work as well. Arm yourself with the right materials and keeping your cab clean will be a cinch.

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