Truck Driver Safety Tips

pd2Driving any vehicle is very dangerous.  Danger and vehicles go hand and hand, because you are speeding down a street in a large metal box, with other moving metal boxes, objects, and pedestrians.  It is for this reason that one must exhibit extreme safety when driving a vehicle, and even more safety when driving a truck.

 A truck is moving with a lot of mass at a potentially high speed for an object that size.  You don’t normally see buildings moving at 50 m/h, and if they did, well, they’d look something like a truck.  One has to understand that, the bigger an object gets, the less stable all of it’s parts become.  A larger object has more opportunity for pieces to fall off, and for energy to be distributed into.  So one of the main concerns for a truck driver is the maintenance of all the pieces attached to the truck.  When moving fast this can become an increasing problem.

A second major problem is that larger objects are more awkward.  They are difficult to control, and very difficult to maneuver into certain spaces that smaller objects would have less of a problem.  So the second concern that a truck driver faces is the driving through tight and unusually shaped roads.

Together, the two main problems are maintenance of a truck’s parts, and maneuvering of a truck through unusual roadways.  Now, what can one do to alleviate this?  For the maintenance, it is exactly that — more maintaining of truck parts.  This means check the engine frequently, the wheels, the joints.  Be aware because you have an unusually large moving object.  For the maneuvering, you need to take it slow around sharp corners and tight roadways.  Trucks also have more difficulty stopping than smaller vehicles.  

Also, there is a larger gas consumption in trucks.  So one must also be constantly conscious of gas consumption, because one doesn’t want to become stranded.

If one follows these guidelines then one can be safer driving a truck.  Plus, the more training and experience one has, the easier time he or she will have.

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