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Stay Safe in Treacherous Conditions this Winter

Semi Truck Driving in Blizzard Like Conditions

As if driving a vehicle with 18-wheels under clear skies wasn’t difficult enough, having to drive one when it’s snowing, icy or in white out conditions raises the difficulty level to a whole new spectrum. Even the most skilled drivers must take additional cautionary measures on the road, and with Winter Storm Jonas ready to… Read more »

5 Tips for Staying Safe on the Open Road

Platinum Drivers

When it comes to staying safe on the open road, you can never be too careful, too prepared, or too informed. With approximately 500,000 trucking accidents occurring each year in the United States, and of those about 5,000 are fatal accidents. In these accidents, 98% of the time it’s the driver of the other vehicle who is… Read more »

Truck Driver Safety Tips

Driving any vehicle is very dangerous.  Danger and vehicles go hand and hand, because you are speeding down a street in a large metal box, with other moving metal boxes, objects, and pedestrians.  It is for this reason that one must exhibit extreme safety when driving a vehicle, and even more safety when driving a… Read more »