What are the Benefits of Hiring a Veteran?

Hiring Veterans Platinum Drivers is a company that recruits, qualifies, staffs and places commercial truck drivers in Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. And Platinum Drivers has found great success in helping veterans get good jobs, for several reasons.

For those who’ve served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and/or Coast Guard, a trucking career—whether it’s as a driver, mechanic or supervisor—is a logical choice after their time in the military. Why? Well, veterans are used to structure and the trucking industry thrives on structure, with deadlines to meet and rules to follow.

Military vets have been trained to get jobs done quickly and efficiently, as both self-starters and team players. And vets have had to submit to—and respect—authority. They know how to listen to instructions/directions, and then follow through on their orders. In some cases, they know how to be the man or woman in charge, leading and motivating others to accomplish their goals.

Because military service involves a lot of training and discipline, veterans are generally responsible, focused people who become an asset to any company that hires them. Vets are more likely to have a “ready-to-work” attitude than a lazy one. It has been ingrained in their very being.

Some trucking companies enjoy government incentives to train and hire veterans, whom they deem easily employable. Other companies send recruiters to job fairs, specifically looking to interview and perhaps hire veterans, who have a good reputation as stable, dedicated workers.

Finally, think about this: the skills used to drive and repair trucks and other vehicles in the military often coincide with the skills and “know-how” needed in the trucking industry. It makes a lot of sense for trucking companies to hire veterans.