General Safety Tips For While You’re on the Road

Truck Driver Safety If you’re like most truckers, you think you know it all. However, every now and then, it’s a good idea to think about some basics you might not have thought about in a while, like general safe driving tips.

Tips to Safe

First, it’s a no-brainer that you should buckle up when driving your rig. You’d be surprised, though, to find out not every driver always, without fail, puts his or her seat belt on whenever the truck is moving– even for moves of just a few feet in a parking lot. Whatever you’ve got to do to drill it into your head to always buckle up every time you turn the ignition on, do so! Furthermore, anytime you have people with you in the cab, you’re responsible for taking a look at their situation– are they buckled up or not? They need to be before you move that truck.

Next, winter weather conditions require extra time and care on your part. For example, anytime you’ve got snow and ice outside, they’re going to try and build up on your truck. Therefore, you need to take the time to clear your windows and roof of that stuff so you– and others–aren’t harmed. If you know the weather is going to be treacherous, leave early to give yourself extra time to make it to your destination. It’s much better when you’re not in a rush!

Speaking of rushing, slow down on busy roads. There will be times when you’re tempted to speed up and pass a whole bunch of traffic, but those times are precisely when most accidents happen. If the road is crowded, slow down! Give yourself a lot of room (in all directions) so you’re not too close to others on the highway. Also, if you’re feeling tired or “impaired” for whatever reason, you need to be smart and NOT drive. Take a break rather than get into a crash.

Finally, you’ve got to always have your eyes on the road ahead of you. Distracted drivers can end up dead. Yes, you might want to watch a funny video on your phone while driving, but no, that’s not a good idea. And if someone calls you on the phone and you start having an involved, heated “discussion,” that can totally draw your attention away from the road ahead and the tasks at hand, so wait ‘til you’re parked to chat on the phone and/or watch videos/surf the net.