How the Pandemic is Affecting Truck Driver Shortages

Truck Driving DemandThere is no part of the world that has not been affected in someway by the COVID-19 pandemic, and that includes businesses in all industries. Here in the United States, the truck driving industry, which is more essential now than ever before as we rely on it to transport needed goods, is dealing with a crisis of driver shortages.

The Problem Started Before the Pandemic

The truck driving industry has been dealing with a shortage issue since long before “social distancing” and “coronavirus” became a daily part of our lexicon. That problem has been exacerbated, however, as many potential driving candidates are stuck in purgatory waiting to obtain the credentials they need. Despite thousands of anxious drivers ready to join the industry, they are stuck in limbo, as a result of many states (temporarily) closing their State Driver License Agencies and DMVs to help stem the spread of the coronavirus.

Unequivocally, the supply chain is dependent on the truck driving industry, and truck driver shortages could have adverse effects as thousands of drivers wait to start or complete the process of getting a CDL permit and/or license. As such, many driving organizations, training centers and other leaders are asking the government to help cut through the red tape to ensure there isn’t a disruption to the supply chain. You can learn more about the efforts here.

Truck Driver Placement Agencies Can Help

If your business is worried about not being able to find a reliable driver, the truck driver placement agents at Platinum Drivers are here help. For more information, contact us at your convenience.