How Wearable Technology is Affecting the Trucking Industry

Wearable Technology for Truck DriversFor years now, the trucking industry has been trying to come up with a solution for drowsy truck drivers. With drivers spending long stretches of time behind the wheel, it’s only natural for them to become fatigued, and when they do, they can put both themselves and others out on the road at risk. Some experts estimate that upwards of 70 percent of all truck-related accidents are the direct result of fatigue.

Today, it appears as though the trucking industry might finally win its battle with fatigue by employing the use of wearable technology. With biometric sensors getting more and more affordable and easier to use, many trucking companies are beginning to equip truckers with wearable technology that is designed to monitor them for fatigue and notify them when it’s time to pull over and get some rest.

Wearable Technologies Truck Drivers Should Know About

There are quite a few different kinds of wearable technology that look like they’re poised to make a major splash in the trucking industry. There are hats, wristbands, and vests that truck drivers can wear these days to monitor their bodies for different signs of fatigue. There are also glasses manufactured by companies like Optalert that contain LED light monitors in them that keep a watch over a truck driver’s eyes. If a driver’s eyes close for longer than they should, they’ll be told that they should pull over right away. These types of technology could stop many truck drivers from getting into accidents that could have been prevented.

There have been some privacy concerns expressed by those who will be wearing the various forms of wearable technology over time. Some truck drivers worry about how the data that is collected by the technology will be used. But the hope is that wearable technology will help truck drivers enough to alleviate any fears they might have about it. It could go a long way when it comes to keeping them safe in the coming years.

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