What is the Truck Driving Industry Doing to Attract New Drivers?

Truck Driving IndustryThe trucking industry has a huge driver shortage on its hands, and it appears as though it could get worse in the coming years. According to one report, the trucker shortage could get twice as bad as it is now within the next 10 years if the industry doesn’t do something to attract new truck drivers to get behind the wheel. As a result of this, the industry is pulling out all the stops to try and bring new truckers on board. Check out some of the things they’re doing in an effort to reverse the recent trucker trend.

Trying to convince more women to become truckers

At this time, less than 10% of all truckers are women. The trucking industry sees this as a huge opportunity for them. They believe that, if they can convince more women to consider driving trucks, they could potentially eliminate the current trucker shortage. The trucking industry is also taking aim at trying to hire more military veterans and more millennials.

Offering better pay and more lucrative signing bonuses

When truckers sign up to work for a trucking company these days, they’re usually welcomed with a signing bonus. More and more companies have started to offer these bonuses to steer talented truckers in their direction. Companies are also working to provide new truckers with better pay than they might have made in the past. The hope is that increased pay will make people think twice about possibly becoming truckers.

Making truck driving easier than it has been in the past

Modern-day truckers don’t have to work as hard as truckers had to many years ago. Their trucks are equipped with things like automatic transmissions and a whole host of safety features that make the physical act of driving simpler. Newer trucks also come with cabs that are ergonomically designed and technological features that have been created to make truckers’ jobs easier. This should make truck driving a more enticing career for many people.

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