Here’s Why More Women Are Drawn to a Truck Driving Career

Just a few decades ago, if you said the word “trucker,” everyone in the room assumed you were talking about a man. Today, though, society has changed quite a bit; it’s not unusual for men to be doing jobs women traditionally did, and vice versa. What’s more, in the year 2020, as we start a brand new decade, more women are drawn to a truck driving career than in decades past.

The Main Reasons for an Increase in Female Truck Drivers

Why are more women getting into the trucking industry? There are three main reasons. One, they are looking for careers with flexible schedules. Two, they like the idea of a career that involves travel, such that they get out of their hometown and “see the world.” And three, they crave an independent lifestyle where they’re, in many ways, their own boss.

Did you realize that the number of female truckers increased by 68 percent between 2010 and 2018? There are upwards of 234,000 women in the industry these days. They make up almost 7% of all truckers.

Instead of traditional 9-to-5 jobs sitting behind a desk, female truckers enjoy the sense of freedom their trucking jobs bring– and the pay is good, too! In the past, you might not find too many female truckers unless they were paired with their husbands. Today, though, there are a lot more women driving solo.

Younger women see trucking as a decent career where they can make good money and not be “the only woman in the company.” There are female trainers, female bosses, female drivers, etc.

As older drivers retire and/or face medical issues, the trucking industry constantly needs more and more drivers– both male and female. There are tens of thousands of women who are ready, willing and able to do the job, and companies aren’t afraid of hiring them. Expect to see more and more trucks being driven by women in the years to come.

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