Reasons to Hire a Veteran

When you’re looking to fill an open position at your company, you often have many applications to review with a vast array of qualifications and credentials to their credit. Veterans offer much more than just the skill set they bring to your opening, as the talents and dedication they earned in the military can translate into additional success in any position.

Veterans learn many things while serving the armed forces, including dedication, work ethic and responsibility. In a 2014 article in Business Insider,retired Marine Jon Davis points out that military training and service requires dedication to completing a mission, a sense of urgency and willingness to work – even difficult or extended hours, if necessary – to get the job done, and ownership of their responsibilities. This translates into a responsible and reliable employee that you can count on to get work done for your company.

Another benefit to hiring veterans is that they come with a strong set of communications skills. As notes, military service often provides veterans with a vast set of communications knowledge, ranging from other languages that can be useful for an international business operation to an understanding of navigating interpersonal communications with respect to diversity and different personalities who function differently in different situations. In addition, veterans are also often well versed in technical communication on a diversity of topics, which can come in handy for communicating complex concepts or initiatives.

Lastly, it may benefit your bottom line in yet another way to hire a veteran. The Department of Veterans Affairs offers multiple incentive programs for employers who hire veterans to join their team. Among these are the Special Employer Incentives program, which provides for partial reimbursement for salaries and training veteran employees, and the Work Opportunity Tax Credit that provides employers with a credit of between $1,200 and $9,600, depending on the specific position and other requirements. More information on these programs is available on the VA website.

No matter the role you have open, a veteran candidate may be just the right person to add to your workforce, bringing their military skills and knowledge to bear to make your operation more productive and successful.