Tips for Preparing for a Job Interview

One of the keys to landing the right job is giving a great interview. This is as true in truck driving as any other career, and going in prepared and ready to answer any questions asked of you can make the difference between getting an offer and being rejected. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to get ready for your next interview.

Dress for success

Interviews are a formal discussion and evaluation of you, your knowledge and your skills, but also of your presentation as a professional in the industry. Just as with any other interview, wearing formal attire is a show of respect, both of yourself and to the person or persons with whom you are interviewing. Roadmaster recommends wearing a formal shirt and good, well-shined leather shoes to help put your best food forward. The site also encourages you to bring a portfolio or binder, which you can use to bring your resume and also paper to keep notes with questions you have or to take notes during your discussion with the interviewer.

Know the company and ask questions

Another way to prepare is to do your background research on the company that you’re interviewing with to get to know their culture and operation ahead of time. This is a good way to know what you might be able to expect in terms of their particular areas of specialty so that you can think about how your experience and skills may best fit with the organization. It may also lead you to questions you have about the company and how it functions. Monster provides some good perspective questions to consider when doing your evaluation or to ask during your interview.

Know your answers

While every interview is unique, there are a wide set of common questions that many interviewers will ask. These include information about your personal driving history and experience, if you’ve had any accidents or customer complaints lodged against you, and how well versed you are in handling driver paperwork and forms. Knowing and practicing your answers to these prospective questions ahead of time will allow you to have your responses ready and rehearsed and will give you confidence to answer any question the interviewer asks. provides a list of some of the more common truck driver questions and sample answers on its website.

Prepare references

Lastly, a prospective interviewer may ask you for references from professionals in the industry who can speak to your skills and expertise. This may be from former or current employers, supervisors or other peers in the industry who can attest to your trucking experience and knowledge. Identify who may serve as references for you and reach out to them to see if they would be willing to be references for you. You should also ask them for their preferred way to be contacted and have that information with you at the interview to provide to the interviewer if you’re asked.

By being as ready as you can be heading into the interview, you empower yourself to give a confident and compelling argument as to why a prospective employer should hire you. With a good interview, you’ll walk out confident in your discussion with the interviewer and, with perhaps a bit of luck, a new job offer to move you further along the road in your career.