Summer Driving Safety – Staying Hydrated

Truck drivers need to keep the main hazards of summer in mind as they go about their routes. Dehydration does not only affect runners and bikers and it doesn’t matter how well the AC works in your truck – if you do not stay hydrated you run the risk of injuring yourself and other motorists.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to drive through a desert to experience dehydration. It can happen while driving a route along the ocean just as well as anywhere else. So, keep the following in mind:

Water – As obvious as it sounds, water is the best source for hydration. Excessive amounts of soda and caffeine-heavy beverages could actually increase your chances of dehydration. Play it safe and keep water in your truck (or any vehicle) at all times. If you’re ever feeling drowsy or out-of-sorts make sure to drink a little and, when safe, pull over and rest. Punctuality comes second to safety. So, if you feel dizzy, sluggish, confused or experience heart palpitations, pull over, get hydrated and don’t drive until you can do so safely.

Electrolytes РElectrolytes help your body to maintain hydration. The best source for electrolytes are not drinks, such as sport or energy drinks. In fact, your body will digest these too quickly and simply expose of the excess electrolytes. So, keep fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, strawberries and mangoes, in your truck and add electrolyte-abundant ingredients to your meals, such as cucumbers, artichokes and honey.

Keep these in mind and be a safe commercial driver this summer!