Health can be a big problem – Don’t Make it Your Problem!

The unhealthy eating habits of truck drivers have quickly become an epidemic in recent years. Driving alone on the road for hours upon hours can cause drivers to indulge in unhealthy food, while smoking to help pass the time and stay awake. According to a 2007 Fox News article, obesity and sleep apnea are the main results due to the decline in proper health among truck drivers.

Truck drivers and their 18-wheelers are essential to the livelihood of our economy since we rely on them to deliver our goods across the country. If our drivers are not safe and healthy, the industry will plummet. According to Christie Cullinan of the American Trucking Associations, “It takes a while to undo years and years and years of unhealthy behavior, but I think companies are having to look at this because of the skyrocketing health care costs and related workers compensation costs.”

Trucking companies are beginning to revamp their policies to ensure that drivers are educated in effective ways to improve overall health. This will greatly reduce the drastic increase in health care premiums. Fostering a better lifestyle increases productivity, allowing for punctual deliveries and fewer accidents.

Here are some basic tips you can follow to keep moving and get fit during your work shift:

– Routinely check blood pressure and cholesterol

– Try to drink beverages like green tea, as opposed to pop

– Rest when possible. Exhaustion can increase irritability, causing you to make poor food choices

– Stay hydrated. Stock your truck with bottles of water. This will help curb cravings

– When stopped for a rest, do a couple of laps around the truck to get blood flowing. For a typical 18-wheeler truck, 32 times around equals a mile

– Bring weights to lift while resting

– If you have to stop for food, choose wisely. A simple salad will fill you up and leave you feeling satisfied

– Listening to music on low volume helps to stay focused on the road, while keeping your mind off snacking or smoking

– Take advantage of your company’s efforts to promote better health. You have nothing to lose other than unwanted weight!