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How to Know if Your Vision is Okay For the Road

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As a truck driver, you’re on the road with a big rig that intimidates others. They put their trust in you, assuming that you won’t hit them. However, some truck drivers have physical problems that can cause accidents if not treated “before it’s too late.” One of those problems deals with vision. Good vision is… Read more »

Drowsy Driving Can Easily be as Fatal as Drunk Driving

Driving when you are under the influence of any substance, drowsy, or distracted can be extremely dangerous. Facing these conditions while on the road in the driver’s seat can put you, your passengers, and all of the other cars on the road in major danger. When driving tired, your reaction time is slowed, you are… Read more »

Be Alert for Driver Fatigue

Drowsy driving is one of the biggest preventable hazards of the road. Getting an appropriate amount rest and adequate sleep can help ensure alert and attentive driving, and in turn ensure a safer trip on the road for commercial and private drivers alike. Called “the third ‘D’ of preventable accidents” by the Chicago Tribune, alongside… Read more »

Helpful Hints for Keeping Alert While Driving

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We’ve all experienced that long commute into work or road trip that never seems to end. Keeping awake and alert are crucial to good defensive driving. Once you get drowsy or begin to lose focus the chance for an accident increases greatly. Driving drowsy can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence. So… Read more »

Five Great Home Remedies Truckers Can Use On The Road

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There’s nothing worse than being on the road for a long haul and beginning to feel that familiar itch in the back of your throat, or the first gurgling sound of an upset stomach. It’s not just that you’re far away from the comforts of home. When you’re on the road, you also need to… Read more »

How Can Truck Drivers Stay Healthy On the Road?

While driving a truck isn’t any more sedentary a job than your typical 9 to 5, it can lead to a very unhealthy lifestyle if you are not conscious about taking care of yourself. When you’re working a job that requires you to be in a sitting position the majority of the time, you should… Read more »