Five Great Home Remedies Truckers Can Use On The Road

There’s nothing worse than being on the road for a long haul and beginning to feel that familiar itch in the back of your throat, or the first gurgling sound of an upset stomach. It’s not just that you’re far away from the comforts of home. When you’re on the road, you also need to be careful about what you use for treatment. Even over-the-counter medications can produce some dangerous side effects when they’re misused.

So what should you do when you’re not feeling so well, but you still need to make it from “Point A” to “Point B”? Chances are, your distant ancestors probably have some answers for you. It turns out many of the home remedies that our grandparents and great-grandparents swore by actually work pretty well.

Chicken Soup

Even if your mother didn’t fully understand why chicken soup was so great for treating a cold, she was definitely on to something. Hot chicken soup is better than practically all other foods at relieving symptoms. By loosening mucus deep in the throat and soothing the nasal passages, chicken soup may not cure the cold, but it can certainly make it much more bearable. It should also be available at most any gas station or rest stop on the road.


To boost your immune system and stay healthier on the road, try switching to honey when sweetening your coffee or tea. Studies have shown that natural, raw honey can help to prevent disease and alleviate a variety of symptoms. Don’t worry about honey spoiling either. A bottle in your glove compartment will probably outlast the truck itself.


If you’re experiencing a bit of unpleasant flatulence after a big meal, don’t assume you need to medicate yourself with something unnatural. Instead, try including a bit of ginger in your diet. Look for ginger drops, or even ginger tea, which can actually be quite delicious. Whichever way you ingest it, ginger can help with issues like gas and nausea by aiding digestion.


When it comes to balancing our bodies, water gets all the credit. In fact, the high sodium in our modern diets has actually given salt a bad name. Don’t forget that salt is also a key component of the human body and that it can help in treating certain ailments. From a sore throat to an irritating small wound, the initial sting of a salt bath will lead to antiseptic and drying properties.


Most people love cinnamon to begin with. Would you believe that like ginger, cinnamon is actually good for you. Many people swear by cinnamon as a weight-loss aid, and it’s been shown to be quite effective at killing harmful bacteria found in food. Try swirling some into your morning oatmeal, or even sprinkling a little over your dessert.