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Maintaining Good Health Helps Truck Driving Performance

Staying in shape can be an especially difficult goal for truck drivers to achieve, since they’re spending the majority of their workweek sitting still behind the wheel of their cab. Subsequently, after a long-day spent on the road, truck drivers are likely to be exhausted, making it difficult to find the energy needed to exercise… Read more »

Five Great Home Remedies Truckers Can Use On The Road

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There’s nothing worse than being on the road for a long haul and beginning to feel that familiar itch in the back of your throat, or the first gurgling sound of an upset stomach. It’s not just that you’re far away from the comforts of home. When you’re on the road, you also need to… Read more »

How Can Truck Drivers Eat Healthy And Exercise While Out on the Road?

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It’s not always easy for truckers to eat healthy and exercise while out on the road. Go into any truck stop in America and look around– there are plenty of high calorie, sugary snacks and drinks for sale. Heck, that’s even true of most supermarkets for non-truckers, too. Being on the road, it may seem… Read more »