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Air Conditioning Vs. Driving With Your Windows Down in Summer

One of the great pleasures of summer weather is being able to drive with your windows down. That’s true whether you’re driving a big rig or a little car. Either way, there’s a sense of fun and freedom when the windows are down, isn’t there? There has been a debate– for a long time– whether… Read more »

Free Parking For Truckers on the Job, Yay or Nay?

Platinum Drivers

Truckers around the country are finding it hard to find places to park while on a break for food, rest, or personal reasons. Though this is part of their long and tiring job, many business and companies do not provide ample amount of space to allow these breaks for truckers. Because of these actions, truckers… Read more »

Why do companies have different background check policies?

When an employer lets you know that they will be screening your background, what are they actually looking for? According to The Federal Bureau of Investigation, your potential employer can request a background check and thus might be provided with information pertaining to Criminal Records (on a National, Federal, State, and County level), Federal Bankruptcy… Read more »

Why Coffee is Pure Gold to Truck Drivers

Where would truckers be without coffee (or other caffeinated drinks)? The caffeine found in coffee is a legal stimulant that perks up tired drivers around the world. It’s a common and valuable drink for truckers who benefit from its positive physical and mental effects. Because it stimulates the release of dopamine, coffee makes people feel… Read more »