Free Parking For Truckers on the Job, Yay or Nay?

Truckers around the country are finding it hard to find places to park while on a break for food, rest, or personal reasons. Though this is part of their long and tiring job, many business and companies do not provide ample amount of space to allow these breaks for truckers. Because of these actions, truckers may be forced to pay for their own parking.

Having truckers pay for their own parking may become an unsafe practice for both the truckers and others on the road. According to, about 48% of truckers say they are not willing to pay any amount for a parking space, and only one out of five truckers would pay anywhere from $1 to $5. The truckers may refrain from stopping for a rest or for a meal because of the lack of parking, which in turn, may cause them to become famished, malnutrition, or exhausted during their hours upon hours of driving.

Another problem this may create is the lack of truck drivers, thus leading to a lack of transported goods to the correct location while also being on time. There currently is a lack of truckers in society today because of the increase of goods that need to be transported for the customer’s demands. Many truck drivers believe that if they are going to be required to pay anything, they should share the cost with their carriers.

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