Tarping Tips for Truckers

Truck Driving You could drive up and down every road in America, and you’d still be hard pressed to find a trucker who actually enjoys tarping. Every job has miserable tasks that seem impossible to bear, and tarping a flat bed truck most definitely falls into that category. Harsh weather can make the task even worse. Unfortunately, we don’t hold a miracle solution for easy tarping, but we do have some indispensable knowledge to share.


Sometimes there will be tools available to make the job a little easier. Even though you might have to wait in line for a tarping machine, it’s usually worth it. Take advantage of anything provided that will make the job safer and easier. Also, keep in mind that you have the right to refuse a weather protect load if the shipper does not raise the tarp with a forklift. Because of safety concerns, you should never have to carry a tarp up a ladder.


When tarping, be sure to use extreme caution, especially when you’re on top of the load. Use a nearby building to block strong winds. Rather than walking around on two feet, stay on your hands and knees, even if it takes a little longer to do so. Even when crawling, you’ll need to be very conscious of where you are and whether your weight can be properly supported.


When dealing with the bitter chill of winter, it’s a good idea to keep your tarps stored inside until your flat bed is fully loaded. This way, they’ll be more comfortable to hold and will prevent them from freezing. If the load requires multiple tarps, be sure to take one out at a time rather than trying to strap multiple tarps on at once.


Have any other ideas for managing the dreaded task of tarping? Please share! In the meantime, if you’re in need of CDL driver staffing and placement services in all areas of Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas, contact Platinum Drivers today.