What is Considered a Preventable Accident?

Preventable AccidentsIf and when you’re a professional truck driver, you should know what’s considered a “preventable accident.” When you’re operating a company owned vehicle “on-the-clock,” there are certain things to consider.

When dealing with intersections, take precautionary measures to ensure you’re not involved in an accident that occurs due to the actions of other drivers. With that in mind, checking the mirrors, slowing down, and staying in one lane rather than crossing into another one are all key things a driver needs to do at an intersection.

Backing a truck up falls under the preventable accident concept because it’s the driver’s responsibility to check all clearances for himself or herself. If an accident does occur, it cannot be blamed on a guide outside the truck since he or she cannot control the movement of the vehicle.

With regards to front-end collisions, to prevent accidents, maintain a safe following distance at all times and notice any obstructions on the road, avoiding them in a timely, safe manner. Rear-end collisions can be preventable by not making any abrupt stops and always using turn signals at intersections.

Sideswipes and cut-offs are preventable when a driver slows down or moves to the right to yield to the passing vehicle.

Other preventable accidents involve lane encroachment and grade crossings. Basically, with lane encroachment, drivers need to maintain safe distances between their vehicles and vehicles in nearby lanes, as well as things such as trains or streetcars at grade crossings.

There are several other “preventable accident” situations, and you’re welcome to ask managers at Platinum Drivers for the complete list. In general, know this: don’t go too fast, always look around the vehicle to make sure you’re not hitting anyone or anything, follow the rules of the road, use safety devices such as skid chains when necessary, and use your horn to prevent accidents.