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Truck Driving in the Winter

Semi truck driving in snowstorm

Driving in a snowstorm is a pain the know you-know-what for people that are driving a car, SUV or a passenger truck. The roads get slippery, the visibility gets cloudy and best of luck trying to stop on a dime if the roads are even a bit icy. As difficult as it is to drive… Read more »

Be Alert for Driver Fatigue

Drowsy driving is one of the biggest preventable hazards of the road. Getting an appropriate amount rest and adequate sleep can help ensure alert and attentive driving, and in turn ensure a safer trip on the road for commercial and private drivers alike. Called “the third ‘D’ of preventable accidents” by the Chicago Tribune, alongside… Read more »

Here are Five Things You Should Do When Driving Next to a Truck

Platinum Drivers

This winter has been a traveling nightmare for drivers, with a blast of snow and slush making roads dangerously icy. During this time, drivers are encouraged to stay focused on the road, as well as their surroundings. Especially if a semi-truck is near. Driving next to a semi is a task in and of itself,… Read more »

What is Considered a Preventable Accident?

If and when you’re a professional truck driver, you should know what’s considered a “preventable accident.” When you’re operating a company owned vehicle “on-the-clock,” there are certain things to consider. When dealing with intersections, take precautionary measures to ensure you’re not involved in an accident that occurs due to the actions of other drivers. With… Read more »