Here are Five Things You Should Do When Driving Next to a Truck

This winter has been a traveling nightmare for drivers, with a blast of snow and slush making roads dangerously icy. During this time, drivers are encouraged to stay focused on the road, as well as their surroundings. Especially if a semi-truck is near. Driving next to a semi is a task in and of itself, so the winter conditions make the situation even more worrisome. However, with these five tips in mind, you’ll be able to command the situation without harm.

So, buckle up and read below:

  1. No Right Side. This is the truck driver’s blind side. He or she will not be able to see you, making it extremely dangerous to pass by. That said, the left side is the better lane.
  1. Lights On. When it’s not daylight out, truck drivers may have a hard time seeing your car, and this can also prove to be treacherous. In order to grab their attention, flash your high beams and then adjust to low. That way, they’ll know you’re coming through!
  1. Tire Alert. We all know what it’s like driving behind slushy tires. Now, imagine that on a semi…. yeah, we don’t want to either. So, if possible, for every 10 miles per hour, stay one car length behind. This should give you enough room to avoid being blinded by the wintry mix.
  1. Brake! Keep in mind that semis are not sedans; therefore, the laws of physics work differently for truck drivers than they do for you. That applies to brakes, too. A truck cannot stop short, and you can. This is very important to note on the road, if something should force an immediate halt.
  1. Keep Watch. Truck drivers are paid to be on the road, so bad driving, on their end, should be held against them. If you see a truck driver acting erratically, call the number on their license plate. This is everyone’s road. Not just theirs.